Masticating juicing machines deliver a direct line to energy-boosting, disease-fighting, life-extending power of nutrient dense foods.

Maintaining your health, energy, vitality and longevity depends on your ability to provide your body with a continuous supply of balanced, nutrient dense and bio-available foods.

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What do balanced nutrients mean?

Balanced nutrients have a synergistic positive interaction with each other that improves your health and function without negative interactions.

Every ingredient in your food to be effective must work with thousands of other chemicals within your body. If you increase one ingredient alone, you stress your body and force it to take additional steps to compensate. Those of you with allergies or on medication know how little it takes for two out of balance ingredients to have unpleasant and risky interactions.

Even natural ingredients could create imbalances. For example, immune-boosting Echinacea increase the length of time caffeine stays in your body and result in even more jitteriness, headache and a faster heartbeat.

No single ingredient works in isolation. As soon as anything enters your body, it will interact with thousands of other chemicals floating around in your body. Many of these ingredients interact with each other even before they enter the body. Oxygen, for example, begins to break down everything it comes in contact with from your car to your orange juice.

A large number of natural and artificial chemicals in our environment and our bodies makes it impossible to determine definitively exactly which ingredients do what in the body. The large number of possible interactions is one reason that the cause and the cure of many diseases remain unknown.

Nutrients within plants and vegetables have evolved over thousands of years to support life, their own life and yours. These plants provide the most balanced nutrients proven over thousands of years of synergistic co-existent with you. They have the longest track record of success than any pharmaceutical or vitamin manufacturer.

If you want natural and effective balance you can count on, rely on natural herbs, fruits and vegetables without human inference in the form of pesticides and genetic modifications.

Masticating juicers are one of the most effective ways to introduce a variety of herbs, plants and vegetables into your diet. With the right juicing recipe, you can focus your attention on the combinations that fits your needs, your health and your goals.

What does nutrient dense mean?

Nutrient dense often is compared to calorie-dense.  Broccoli, Kale, Almond and Basil have more nutrients per ounce than sugar, hamburger, pizza and French fries. On the other hand Hamburger, pizza and French fries have more calories per ounce than Broccoli, Kale and Almonds.

Lack of nutrients dense foods and abundance of calorie dense foods contributes to onset of many diseases including obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Herbs, vegetables, fruits and nuts provide the most balanced nutrients for you to increase your energy, your ability to fight disease and increase your longevity.

Not all plants have the same ingredients.  Some of them like celery deliver a balance of electrolytes to your body and others like blueberries deliver a balance of antioxidants.  Some are low in calorie like cucumbers, and others are high in protein and calories like Almonds.  You need to include a variety to benefit from them. Nutrient density must match your objective.  I’ll go over this more in Juicing Recipes.

Best masticating juicer machines allow you to easily combine high antioxidant plants like kale with high electrolyte plants with long fibers like celery and prepare nut milk from a high protein ingredient like almonds. Not all masticating juicers can do all these.

What is beneficial bio-availability?

Beneficial bio-availability refers to the characteristic or the process that makes an ingredient available for your body to absorb with a beneficial effect after absorption.

Just because a nutrient exists within a food doesn’t mean that your body can use it. A nutrient is beneficial to you only when your body can biologically absorb it and use it. Many spend thousands of dollars every year on foods, vitamins and supplements that their body cannot effectively use. Sometimes an ingredient is bio available but not beneficial. Processed sugar is an example of highly bio-available ingredient that is very harmful to your body.

There are some general categories of what is readily bio-available to humans, but still you need to get to know your own body. In the meantime, before you spend your hard earned money on a supplement, check for bio-availability of the product and how it was tested.

Lack of bio-availability is not limited to artificially made products. Some natural products are not bio-available to most, and some are not beneficial to a few. For example, many do not have enzymes in their body to digest dairy. Dairy products are not bio-available to them. Others are low on enzymes that digest red meat. Red meat is not bio-available to them. Natural fiber that is necessary, healthy and beneficial in detoxing the body and prevent many diseases also slows down the absorption of some ingredients. In some cases, fiber can interfere with digestion of foods in the intestine and contribute to gas and bloating.

A masticating juicer crushes and squeezes the juice that is the most bio-available food you can have and remove the fiber and the pulp which can slow down the absorption of these ingredients.

Best masticating juicers create very dry pulp by squeezing most of the juice out of your produce.

What is a masticating juicer?

Masticating juice extractor is a direct way for you to crush the protective cell walls of the fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts and squeeze nutrient-dense, balanced and bio-available juice to your body. Masticating juicers do this without creating heat that destroys the nutrients and with minimal foam that allows oxygen to come in contact with the juice and again destroy these nutrients.

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