healthy juice extractor

There are so many ways you can describe a juicing machine. However, the term healthy juice extractor fits both the process and the intention of juicing best.  The primary reasons for juicing are health, and the process of juicing in its simplest form is the extraction of maximum juice yield in the shortest amount of time.

A process of juicing that damages the nutrients is not as healthy.  A juicer that gives you the most juice yield saves you money. And you are more likely to use a juice extractor that is fast.

Five questions can help you narrow down your search for a perfect juice extracting machine for you.

1- Does the juice machine damage the nutrients? Speed and foam damage nutrients through heat.

2- Does the juice extractor create dry pulp? The dryer the pulp, the more juice yield you have. More juice yield means smaller fresh produce bill.

3- Is the juicer easy to use and fast? A cumbersome machine that is hard to use and harder to clean will not be used regardless of how great it is. One aspect of speed is the size of the chute and the power of the engine.  Kuvings whole slow juicer is an example of how technology can help you get quality juice fast. It has a large chute and a powerful masticating motor that allows you to put whole fruit and vegetables without cutting.

4- Does the juicer fit your budget? It is important to consider your fresh produce bill in this. You pay for your juicer once, especially if you buy it from a reliable company with a long warranty. Your fresh produce cost, especially if you buy organic produce is much more. A juice with a higher yield may cost more upfront, but it will save y0u money every day.

5- Does the juicing machine fit your counter space? A machine that goes in a cabinet will collect dust. A machine that fits your counter space and looks good will be used.