Omega NC800 HDS (Heavy Duty Silver) 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer Review

Omega went to bat with this model over its original horizontal masticating juicing machines 8003 and 8005. To begin with, HD stands for heavy duty title earned by a commercial motor inside.  Remember that this model is not for commercial use.

NC800 needs a commercial motor to turn its single augur which is about 8 times stronger than Omega’s original models.

The slow 80 RPM is to preserve the nutrients for up to 72 hours.  It is always better to drink your juice right after you make it but if you rushed, you know your frothless juice has limited exposure to damaging effects of oxygen and you can drink it later.

You can make soy milk and nut milk with this machine but it is not optimal for that use. There is a chamber that allows the juice to leave the machine first and then the pulp leaves the machine later. To make your nut milk you have to add much of the water needed to mix with your nuts to leave the machine right away before it is mixed with your nuts. The result is less than ideal.

Omega vertical juicers are a much better choice for making nut milk.

The heavy-duty motor with a stronger single auger is not there for fun. They are there to allow the machine to operate with a wider feed chute that is about 85% bigger than the original design.

So let’ take this from the top.  You have limited time and you want to get high-quality juice.  If your juice extractor machine could accept larger pieces of fruits and vegetables without backing it up, you can reduce your cutting time. To accommodate larger chunks, you need a wider feed chute. To squeeze the larger pieces, you need a larger augur and to turn that larger auger, you need a more powerful engine.

To accommodate these improvements, you also have larger collection cups with NC800 HDS.

This machine also comes with attachments for sorbets, spaghetti and so on. However, the attachments are really to shape rather than mix. If you are really into making your own spaghetti from scratch, you need to get a spaghetti machine.

To maximize your juice yield by 7% to 13%, Omega has added attachments with five settings that control the back pressures. Increased backpressure squeezes more juice out of your fruits and vegetables.  Increased back pressure can also back up your machine if you have not selected the right settings. The manual helps you do that.

S stands for silver. Red is also available.

The final note on any of Omega juicing machines is the 15-year warranty backed by a company with a track record that inspires confidence.