Kuvings B6000 Upright Slow Silent Masticating Juicer Review

Kuvings B6000PR Pearl RedKuvings rises to the challenge of your too-busy-too-juice by making their first wide-mouth, a slow-speed masticating juicer that you can put the whole fruit and vegetable which saves you cutting time.

Well maybe be not the whole fruit in, there is always a wise guy in the audience who says, can I put a watermelon in? How about a pumpkin?

Kuvings B6000 Wide Mouth

Before we go any further, let me specify that the size of the feed shoot is 3 inches. It is the widest feed shoot available as of the writing of this review. And since there were safety reasons, there is a blade in the middle to reduce the chances of anyone putting things in the shoot that should not go in there. Your hand for example! Ouch.

Kuvings Juicer Larger and Quieter Motor

To match the feed shoot size and extract juice from larger pieces of fruits and vegetables, you need a larger single auger and to turn that, you need a larger motor. Kuvings B6000 juicing machine has a 240-watt quiet low-speed motor to get the job done.

Quiet operation is one of the advantages of masticating juicers including Omega Vert and Hurom. Centrifugal juicers with their fast, high RPM motors often sound like a model airplane taking off in your kitchen. The power of Kuvings’ engine does not go into higher speed and sound; it goes into turning the single auger at 80 RPM and juicing whole fruits and vegetables.

Slow Masticating Juicer

This slow speed is necessary to break down the cellular structure and release the nutrients and minerals without creating heat. The slow speed also keeps the foam creation to a minimum which means your juice is not exposed to so much oxygen which oxidizes the food, destroys the nutrients and reduces the shelf life.

Busy schedules go hand in hand with distractions. We tend to pay attention more to what we see. The best upright masticating juicers should fit on your countertop. When comparing Kuvings Silent Juicer vs Omega Vert vs Hurom keep this in mind. Check your counter space and get the model that fits on top and it looks good there.

Keeping your juicer in sight helps you use it more.

Juicing Recipe Book

Many of you are buying a juicer for the first time. You know juicing is great for your health but you could use some help getting started. The B6000 comes with a special recipe book to help do just that with their Clean Green Drinks: 100+ Cleansing Recipes to Renew & Restore Your Body and Mind recipe book.

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I just wished that the book could stand so that it would make it easier for you to read follow the recipes.

The best upright masticating juicers would be sitting there if they gave you cleaning hassle. Kuvings has thought about that as well in this juice extractor to keep it from extracting too much of your time by providing three different fast cleaning brushes.

Their patented cleaning tool is fantastic for your juicer screen which is the hardest part of any upright juicer clean-up. You place the screen in and rotate underwater. The brushes inside will clean it fast.kuvings juicing machine patented cleaning tool

BPA Free Plastic

From a health standpoint, you should stay away from BPA within plastic which can really mess up your hormones by their estrogenic actions. Kuvings B6000S is BPA-free since it is made of Tritan.

It would not be fair to you if I do not mention the possible association of Tritan with estrogenic actions. You may want to Google that.

Keeping your juicer and juice away from sun rays and ultraviolet light is always necessary and it may help prevent estrogenic actions of Tritan.

One last compromise you need to be aware of with Kuvings is yield. When you do things fast, you tend to give up something. In this case, what you give up is yield. Some of your larger chunks may remain the gap between the auger and the housing which reduces your yield.

Kuvings B6000 Upright Slow Silent Masticating Juicer Recap

Let’s recap. If you are looking for a faster, versatile, easy to clean, a good-looking machine that fits on your countertop and helps you get juice in your system, and don’t worry about yielding so much Kuvings Whole Slow Juice B6000 is for you.

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